Additional History

Elmira-Corning Branch AAUW History

       On November 28, 1891, seventeen young women representing eight colleges met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston to discuss actions they could take to bring about a better world for women. These women founded the Association of Collegiate Alumnae (ACA) “to unite alumnae of different institutions for practical educational work.” The ACA constitution was adopted on January 14, 1892.

      In 1890, Corning joined with Albany and Buffalo, New York City, and Syracuse to form the Association of College Alumnae. The Corning group was designated AAUW Easter Steuben Branch in 1920 and the Corning Branch in 1952. Around 2002, the Corning Branch joined the Elmira Branch to become the Elmira-Corning Branch of AAUW.

      In 1910, a group of women in the Elmira area formed the College Club of Elmira. Membership was open to all women who had degrees from a recognized college or university. In 1917, the College Club of Elmira was admitted to the Association of Collegiate Alumnae.

      The American Association of University Women began in 1921 with the union of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae and the Southern Association of University Women. Although the purpose of AAUW has expanded over the years, our primary goals of enabling women to continue their intellectual growth, to further the advancement of women, and to discharge their special responsibilities to society still remain.

      Fellowships have been a part of AAUW since 1888 when the Western Association of Collegiate Alumnae awarded its first fellowship for graduate study. Beginning in 1949, a designated amount from annual dues of each member of our association is put into the Fellowship Fund. The Fellowship Program has been called “AAUW’s Investment in Excellence.”

      Since 1920, each AAUW member has automatically received membership in the International Federation of University Women. The purpose of that organization is “to promote understanding and friendship among the university women of the nations of the world.”

      One of the ACA’s founders, Dr. Marion Talbot, wrote on the occasion of AAUW’s 59th anniversary in 1931: “the Association has, like humanity itself, been dynamic, never static.” These words are still true today, as are the words in the original (1916) constitution of the Elmira Branch of the Collegiate Alumnae: “The object of this club shall be to promote intellectual growth, increase inter-collegiate fellowship, and further educational interests.”



Years Served

Mrs. Henry Halsey Sayles 1910-14
Mrs. H.A. Hamilton 1914-1916
Mrs. Rufus Stanley 1916-18
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Whitaker 1918-23
Mrs. Halsey Sayles 1923-25
Miss Linette Adriance 1925-27
Miss Elizabeth L. Whitaker 1927-29
Mrs. Maurice P. Whitney 1930-31
Miss Edith Farnham 1931-33
Miss Georgia Field 1933-35
Mrs. W. H. Taylor 1935-37
Miss Elizabeth H. Turner 1937-39
Miss Francis M. Wright 1939-41
Mrs. Anthony B. Cieri 1941-43
Mrs. C. Harry Gilfether 1943-47
Mrs. Dillon A. Cady 1947-49
Mrs. Thomas P. Lynch 1951-53
Mrs. Dorothy Coder 1953-57
Mrs. Howard C. Carpenter 1957-59
Mrs. C. Henry Gilfether 1959-61
Miss Irene C. Elliott 1961-62
Mrs. Gerald Smith 1962-63
Mrs. Thomas Isaf 1963-64
Mrs. Stuart Luther 1964-65
Mrs. Edwin P. Krzesinski 1965-66
Mrs. Thomas Isaf 1966-67
Mrs. Elmer Selby 1967-68
Mrs. George Snyder 1968-69
Mrs. Jay Edward Sale 1969-70
Mrs. Robert Schmidt 1970-71
Mrs. Paul Vardakis 1972-73
Mrs. Titus Trupe 1973-75
Mrs. Robert Schmidt 1975-77
Mrs. Robert Cullings 1977-78
Mrs. Raymond Arnold 1978-79
Mrs. Warren Holzkamp 1979-80
Mrs. Stuart Luther 1980-82
Mrs. John Kratzert 1982-84
Ruth Burden 1984-86
Emily Krzesinski 1986-90
Nancy Spaulding 1990-92
Margaret Todd 1992-95
Margery S. Numberg 1995-95
Norma Doane 1995-96
Nancy Spaulding 1996-99
Barbara Luther and Joan Russen 1999-2001
Mary Hungerford 2001-03
Pauline Leveen 2003-06
June Ford and Alta Stevenson 2006-08
June Ford and Liz Walton 2008-09
Liz Walton and Jan Cummings 2009-10
Jan Cummings and Pat Stadelmaier 2010-11
Pat Stadelmaier and Janet Winfield 2011-12
Janet Winfield and Julia Lavarnway 2012-13
Janet Winfield and Joan Russen 2013-14




Years Served

Mrs. O. W. Hilbert 1921-22
Mrs. C. L. Cook 1922-23
Mrs. David Haglund 1923-24
Miss Sarah Smith 1924-26
Mrs. Hugh W. Gregg 1926-29
Mrs. O.W. Hilbert 1928-29
Mrs. Edwin W. Guyer 1929-31
Mrs. Hugh W. Gregg 1931-32
Mrs. William C. Droege 1932-34
Miss Etel Sherman 1934-35
Mrs. Floyd W. English 1935-36
Mrs. William E. Severn 1936-38
Mrs. Robert S. Cole 1938-39
Mrs. John C. Chowning 1939-41
Mrs. William T. Gray 1941-43
Mrs. Vaentine B. Pratt 1943-45
Mrs. Edwin H. Dodge, Jr. 1945-47
Mrs. Howard J. Landis 1947-49
Mrs. Morton Shaw, Jr. 1949-51
Margaret Telian (Mrs. Armen) 1951-53
Libby McLellan (Mrs. George) 1953-55
Gertrude Spremulli (Mrs. Paul) 1955-56
Janet Richardson (Mrs. George) 1956-58
Helen Martin (Mrs. Francis) 1958-60
Louanne Palme (Mrs. John) 1960-61
Lila Halchin (Mrs. Matthew) 1961-63
Margene Tichane (Dr. Robert) 1963-65
Natalie Farrow (Mrs. Howard) 1965-67
Charleen Edwards (Mrs. Robert) 1967-69
Gaby Bublitz (Mrs. Arthur) 1969-71
Pat Bowen (Mrs. John) 1971-72
Erna Westwig (Mrs. Ralph) 1972-75
Carolyn L’Amoreaux (Mrs. Jack) 1975-76
Mary Volland (Mrs. Lawrence) 1976-77
Linda Harrison (Mrs. Richard) 1977-79
Dale Cozadd (Mrs. Bennett) 1979-81
Joy Hopkins (Mrs. Donald) 1981-83
Margo Brown (Mrs. John) 1983-85
Mary Lou McCullough (Mrs. Thomas) 1985-87
Celeste Sabinski (Mrs. Donald) 1987-89
Gloria Gibson (Mrs. James) 1989-91
Donalyn Wexell 1991-93
Lynn Moseley (Mrs. William) 1993-95
Louise Richardson 1995-97
Doris Roy (Mrs. George) 1997-99
Donalyn Wexell 1999-2001