About Us

The Elmira Branch of AAUW began as the College Club of Elmira in 1920. In 1917, the College Club became the Association of Collegiate Alumnae and then was reorganized as a branch of the American Association of University Women in 1921. In 2001 the Corning Branch joined with the Elmira Branch to become the Elmira-Corning Branch.

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2015-2016 Officers and Board Members

  • Co-Presidents: Dr. Geraldine Wolfe, Barbara Luther
  • Program Co-VPs: Jan Altilio, Julie Biviano, Joy Perry, Diane Woodhouse
  • Membership Co-VPs: Lenore Lewis, Barbara Friedman, Maureen Gladke (Note: Go to the MEMBERSHIP page on this website to download the Elmira-Corning AAUW Membership Brochure!)
  • Co-Secretaries: Diane Wilbur, Louise O’Dell
  • Treasurer: Pat Stadelmaier
  • Nominating Committee: Joan Russen, June Ford, Jan Cummings, Carol Ann Mitchell
  • Books & Bites: Betty Reiter
  • Cultural Interests/Diversity & International Affairs, Chemung County Council of Women Delegate: Barb Luther
  • Directory: Ann Brouse
  • Education Equity & Public Policy: JoAnne Krolak
  • Education Foundation: Clare Bonnie Chollet
  • Hospitality: Pat Buttolph, Jan Cummings
  • Legal Advocacy Fund: Nancy Spaulding
  • Newsletter/Communications: JoAnne Krolak
  • Projects: Fall Fashion Show: Janet Winfield; Bon-Ton Coupon Booklet Sale: Carolyn Clack and Louise O’Dell
  • Publicity: Julie Biviano
  • Scholarship: Liz Walton, Mary Jane Paternoster, Miriam Smith, Clare Bonnie Chollet. (Note: Go to the SCHOLARSHIPS page on this website for more information about our scholarships and to apply for the AAUW Elmira-Corning Branch’s 2015 Return to Learning Scholarship. The Application deadline is in April.)

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